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If you buy a certain amount of massage treatments as a healthcare, we provide you with free massage that you can use in your family. Talk to us and we will tell you more about our offer

If you are affiliated to a healthcare company - you pay with a healthcare voucher - we may charge 10% when the healthcare companies charge 10% for a fee.
We take Swish as well as the following payment:


Back Massage

Classic Swedish massage

Enjoy our classic Swedish full body massage where we work with the five classic massage concepts to effectively relax your muscles. The treatment seems relaxing and softening on tense muscles and regular massage counteracts tiredness, ache aches and back and neck problems. You will also feel calmer, softer and more moving in the body.
Classic Swedish massage - Fullbody 60 min

Classic Swedish massage - Fullbody 90 min

550 kr

820 kr


Hot stone massage

  • Enjoy luxurious essential aroma oils
  • Feel the heat from the stones

The stones are heated in water and applied on the back, neck and hand. In order to further enhance the sense of relaxation, the stones are insolished. The hot stone massage is tailored to your needs.

Hot stone massage - Fullbody 60 min 600 kr
Hot stone massage - Fullbody 90 min

Hot stone massage - Fullbody 120 min

900 kr

1200 kr


Thai aroma oil massage

Soft and soothing full body massage with deep oil. Oil massage is extremely effective when you want to relieve muscle tension, inflammation and pain. It can reduce fluid and swelling and also stimulate blood circulation. The massage is light and gentle with even long movements for the best effect.
Fullbody - 120 min 1100 kr
Fullbody - 90 min 820 kr
Fullbody - 60 min 550 kr
Neck, back, arm - 30 min 300 kr

Neck and back massage with oil

In our neck and back massage we focus on tension on the backboard and in the neck. Problems such as pain and tightness in the back and neck are commonplace and are treated effectively with this treatment.
30 min 300 kr
60 min 550 kr

Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage without oil.
Treatment where stretching of muscles and joints is used. Certainly press trigger points and muscles. The treatment gives increased mobility.
Traditional Thai massage suits most people. The massage is experienced as relaxing and stressful and is therefore good for anyone who needs to unwind or have stress-related problems.
Fullbody - Hard massage without oil - 30 min 300 kr
Fullbody - Hard massage without oil - 60 min 550 kr
Fullbody - Hard massage without oil - 90 min 820 kr
Fullbody - Hard massage without oil - 120 min 1100 kr

Thai herbal massage & oil massage

Thai herbal massage & oil massage is a smoother treatment than traditional Thai massage.

The massager massages with oil and uses warm herbs that heat up with steam and rub against the skin. The massager begins with oil massage that helps the body's muscles to relax and balance. We use oils with different properties and smells.

Stamps are white balls filled with beneficial and herbaceous herbs of various kinds such as ginger, lemon grass and camphor etc.

Together with the heat the herbs secrete properties that penetrate into the muscles and relieve pain as well as stimulate blood circulation


Fullbody-120 min

Fullbody - 90 min

1200 kr

900 kr

Fullbody - 60 min 600 kr
Neck and back - 30 min 350 kr

Pregnancy Massage

The area that we massage
  • The back
  • The swan / hip
  • Shoulder blades
  • Neck
  • Legs / feet
We do massage for pregnant women in cooperation with the customer and according to his needs.
Fullbody - 60 min 550 kr

Kid Massage

8-12 years oilrelax massage fullbody
60 min 500 kr
30 min 300 kr

Head Massage & Neutral Coconut oil

30 min 300 kr
Without oil 30 min 300 kr

Foot oil massage

Classical reflexology was developed from the belief that there are reflex areas on the feet and hands that correspond to all parts of the body, including internal organs. It is thought that printing on special points on the hands and feet can affect the body and body system, and thus give good health. It is also a relaxing treatment, reflexology is thought to relieve headache, backache and sinus problems.

60 min 500 kr
30 min 300 kr

Facial treatment - Luxury skin care

60 min - 650 kr

Treatment begins with a skin cleansing. The treatment includes peeling, cleansing, relaxed massage, mask, serum and day cream.

Treatment Body Scrub

Scrub a regular beauty treatment. It has long been discovered how a powerful exfoliation of the skin makes it both soft. Often you combine with massage. The treatment removes dead cells and gives the skin a new clean and smooth surface

Body therapy - Scrub & oil massage - Fullbody - 90 min - 990 kr

Starts with a cleansing and beneficial body scrub followed by a soft full body massage

Body Treatment - Scrub, Oil Elax Massage and Facial Treatment - 120 min - 1400 kr

Starts with a cleansing and beneficial body scrub followed by a soft full body massage
Facial treatment starts with a skin cleansing. The treatment includes peeling, cleansing, relaxed massage, mask, serum and day cream


Paraffin bath - 30 min - 300 kr

Treatment with paraffin increases blood circulation and relieves pain and stiffness in the hands and feet. Paraffin bath opens up the pores and encapsulates heat and moisture in the skin. The heat increases the blood flow and the skin becomes soft and velvety.
Man hands hands down in a heated paraffin bath, about 55-60 degrees. To keep warm, let the paraffin work under a terry towel for about 10 minutes. The paraffin is pulled off and the treatment is finished but a nice foot massage. The treatment can be done separately or in combination with another treatment.


Manicure - 60 min (Man 350 kr / Woman 400 kr)

A classic treatment focusing on the natural nail.

Shaping the nail, water bath with reinforcing and cleaning properties, nail bandwork, reinforcing nail oil, polishing, care / reinforcing undercoat and color varnish. As well as easy hand and arm massage with moisturizing "body butter"

Manicure & Paraffin bath - 60 min - 500 kr

Treatment with focus on the natural nail.

Nail molding, water bath with reinforcing and cleaning properties, nail bandwork, reinforcing nail oil, polishing, care / reinforcing undercoat and paint lacquering. In addition, you get a warm paraffin bath that is recommended especially for those with dry hands. The treatment ends with varnish. As well as easy hand and arm massage with moisturizing "body butter"


Pedicure - 60 min - 550 kr

Regularly taking care of your feet is not just luxury, it is a necessity. This will prevent many foot problems and get nice feet all year long. The treatment begins with foot baths and is followed by skin and nail work, such as removing corneas, blemishes and nail scars, etc. A peeling cleans the skin and prepares for the massage that increases blood circulation and well-being.

Pedicure & Paraffin - 75 min - 600 kr

Treat yourself to an exclusive and luxurious pedicure for your feet - as beneficial as comfortable. We adapt our pedicure to your wishes so that you get the most out of your treatment. The pedicure is a treat for those who want nice and fresh feet while at the same time want a nice and relaxing treatment.

The treatment includes: Heavy foot baths, peeling, wrapping, nail shaping, gentle filing of feet, and a nice foot massage. Finally, we paint your toenails.



Armpits 15 min Price: 200 kr

Bikini Line 25 min Price: 250 kr

Breast (Man)25 min Price: 350 kr

Full legs + bikini 40 min Price: 580 kr

Half legs 20 min Price: 350 kr

Full legs 30 min Price:500 kr

Half arms 20 min Price: 250 kr

Full arms 30 min Price: 350 kr

Back 45 min Price: 450 kr



Eyelash Extension

To think about before an eyelash extension

  • Be sure to shower when you will not shower within 48 hours after treatment, so that the glue will cure properly.
  • The lashs do not have any mascara or make-up on either fringes or eyelids
  • Avoid eyelash bends as well as permanent friction, which makes it harder to attach the fringes
  • Do not use fet creams or oil-based removers on the fringes before fringing
  • If you want to color the fringes before, do it at least 48 hours before the treatment
  • Please remove any contact lenses

A natural and rich look and a more beautiful look
A French extension for those who like to get ready quickly in your everyday life, or want to be extra nice in front of a party.

We work with classic single-fringes, a single lashs that attaches to their own lashs .
The lashs should be applied separately and be carefully separated. Length and thickness are customized according to the wishes, but also according to the customer's own length, shape and condition. The frenchs we use are of synthetic and are available in different bends, thickness and length.

60-100 lashs each eye (total time for both eyes approx ~120 min.)

The actual treatment between 60-100 fringes applied to each eye takes about two hours when the single method is time consuming but it is worth the extra wait for a sustainable result.

The lashs are made of synthetic and are available in different bends, thicknesses and lengths. To get the best natural results on the fringes, you mix different thicknesses and lengths.

Single eyelash extension

Volume fringes eyelash extension

New set 700 kr
Refill small - 60 min 450 kr
Refill Normal - 90 min 550 kr
Removal - 20 min 300 kr

Care instructions

  • During the first 48 hours after treatment, avoid steam, sauna or sunbathing
  • Use of oil-based products on or near the eyelashes, such as eye cream, eye serum, vaseline or cleaning products
  • Use of waterproof mascara or eye liner
  • Use of mechanical eyelash initiator
  • Drag and tear the eyelashes
  • Klia and rub the eyelashes

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